Monday, July 29, 2013

You can never have to many ... until you have none!

11:58 PM

A month ago or so I decided to pack up my belongs ... or lack there of really since I pretty much sold/gave everything away to relocate to a new state! I had a huge moving sale and got rid of everything! Yep everything! Every piece of furniture, every knick nack that didnt have meaning behind it. Every bottle of shampoo, every tube of toothpaste!
In other words I have NO stock pile of anything.
After being a pretty extreme couponer for the last 8+ years, I had developed a  decent size stock pile of almost everything we needed. I am now having flashbacks of how  I use to live in the "good ol' days" before couponing and money saving deals and definately before stockpiling !
I really cant wait to get myself settled and start making it grow all over again. Im sure it will take some time, but if I plan things right and use the skills that I have to sniff out the big savings it shouldn't take all that long ... I hope!
Having to actually PAY for toothpaste right now is just way more painful that I remember!
It's true what they say  ... Once you know you can get it for free, you would rather go without than paying that $1.50 a tube :)


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