Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let the fun begin!!

7:17 PM

I know it's been many months since I have last checked in here on  the blog pages. And I apologize deeply!! Life has been chaotic and crazy the past 4 months. But now that everything has settled down, and I have the time to write and scope out the deals I am back on track and ready to go full force!!

If you havent noticed, we have had a name change!!
Blue Bag Bargains is now Wicked Pissah Savings !!  New name, new attitude! And I'm ready to take it on to the fullest extent.
Please be sure to like the new facebook page HERE  so you are sure to get all the updates and new deals as soon as they are available to you.
Our email address has also changed
As always feel free to post or email in any hot deals you may have or find that you want to share with all the readers.

Ive also decided to add a  Helpful at Home section which will be filled with  ways to save around the house on everyday things, crafts, recipes, and all around  tips to keep a little more cash in your pockets!

I hope you like all the new things that will be coming. As always please share this page with your friends and family! Look forward to talking with you all .... again :)